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Вінниця привокзальна площа + лого.png

Pre-design solutions for the reconstruction of the Railway Station Square in Vinnytsia (supported by GIZ)

львыв гт + лого.png

Analytical support for public transport network optimization for Lviv (supported by GIZ)

Концепція дніпро111_edited.jpg

The concept of cycling infrastructure and micromobility development Dnipro

паспортизація мукачево.png

Digital inventory and certification of streets
for the city of Mukachevo 

роад сафеті_.png

Analysis of norms and standards on road safety to order 
World Bank 

львыв електро + лого.png

Expert participation in the development of the "Electric Mobility Plan for
Lviv " 
(supported by GIZ) 

Бориспіль КШ.jpg

Integrated planning of st. Kyiv Way 
in  Boryspil

карта отг.png

Sustainable urban plan 
mobility for
and Ivano-Frankivsk OTG 

ГТ Возн.jpg

Restart concept 
public systems
transport for 

приморськ + лого_edited.jpg

Development concept 
infrastructure for 
Primorskaya OTG
(supported by UNDP) 


Development concept 
infrastructure for

Оптимізоване перехрестя.png

Alternative solutions for the reconstruction of the intersection
street Kyiv 
and street Chornovola
in the city of Vinnytsia

Бориспіль перехрестя 5ти вулиць_Сторінка_1_edited.jpg

Two scenarios of traffic organization at the intersection of Lyutneva-Holovatoho Street in Boryspil 

СО ХШ-Черняхівського ОДР для УПП_Сторінка_1_edited.jpg

Traffic light object 
on the Khmelnytsky highway in


Traffic safety and organization of bicycle traffic on the H-09 highway in Yamnytsya OTG 


The concept of a network of bicycle routes in the direction of Ivano-Frankivsk - Yamnytsia - Halych 

Фото 4_FB-4X-scale-2_00x (2).jpg

Planning of bilateral bicycle paths
on the street Gogol in the city of Myrhorod 

Косів кільце_edited.jpg

The concept of organizing two intersections with traffic in a circle in Kosovo 

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