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The concept of cycling infrastructure and micromobility development for Dnipro

The concept of development of bicycle infrastructure and micromobility is a strategic document of the city, which aims to determine the vector of development in the field of cycling and light personal transport, as well as to determine a plan for its implementation.  

The purpose of the adoption and implementation of this Concept is the integration of bicycles as part of the urban mobility system and tourist and recreational profile of the Dnieper to improve the quality of life by creating comfortable and safe conditions for cycling and promoting cycling. 

The scope of Oresund's expert services includes: 

  • In-house studies of existing strategic documents of the city, review of the existing cycling infrastructure of the Dnieper, urban planning analysis and presentation of the methodology to stakeholders. 

  • Development of a network of bicycle routes, including main, secondary and recreational, development of schemes with forms of cycling, development of the concept of information support for the development and implementation of the Concept.

  • Development of text and geoinformation  parts concept. 

  • Development of pre-project proposals for the organization of bicycle traffic  on part of the routes; 

  • Information support of project activities. 

  • Text part of the Concept of development of bicycle infrastructure and micromobility in Dnipro 

  • The scheme of the bicycle network of the city (main, secondary, recreational routes, 

  • scheme of calm traffic zones 20-30 km / h and short connections).  

  •   The scheme of the network indicating the forms of cycling in each section. 

  • The scheme of placement of public parking lots 

  • Pre-project proposals of traffic organization schemes taking into account bicycle infrastructure, M1: 500 on certain streets.

All cartographic materials are transmitted to the city in the format of geospatial data. Further, the concept materials should be adopted at the level of the master plan and become binding.  

The total length of the proposed transport routes is 860 km, and recreational - 184 km.  

Due to the short time frame of the project (the active phase lasted about 2 months), for its high-quality and timely implementation, ORESUND opened a temporary office in Dnipro with the involvement of several local experts.  As a result, the technical task of the customer was fulfilled on time and in full, digital files and printed originals of all developed materials with a total volume of more than 570 sheets were officially transferred to the customer.


A number of consultative activities, discussions and presentations were held, and information materials and a website were developed to further cover the content of the Concept and its implementation.

The official approval of the Concept, its information coverage and the start of implementation are expected in 2022. 

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