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Expert participation in the development of the "Electric Mobility Plan for Lviv " (supported by GIZ)

In Lviv, a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan has been in effect since 2019, one of the main goals of which is effective, comfortable  and ecological public transport. At the same time, sociological research shows that in Lviv there is a tendency to reduce the use of public transport and increase car ownership and car use.  

In 2021-2022, Lviv is carrying out a full-scale transport reform to implement the PSMM, to preserve the time of public transport and to gain new users (customers).

It includes: 

  • transition to payment for transport work (per kilometer), which will be carried out by the city by private and municipal carriers, according to the same principles and rules 

  • collection of funds for travel is carried out not by operators, but by the city, represented by the authorized utility company 

  • transition to non-cash form of payment (electronic ticket) 

  • the possibility of transfer is included in the cost of a single trip (electronic ticket)  


This reform should be accompanied by other measures and objectives set out in the PSMM.  

The scope of services from Oresund includes

  • proposals for optimizing public transport routes and service levels (schedules, intervals, bus class) 

  • technical and economic calculations for the evaluation of proposals 

  • proposals to accelerate public transport on key corridors 

  • proposals for identifying transfer points and their improvement (infrastructure improvements).

All developments are submitted to the Mobility Department for discussion and consideration by the working group and decision-makers. 

Service period: December 2021 - May 2022. 

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