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Preliminary design for the reconstruction of Pryvokzalna Square in Vinnytsia (supported by GIZ)

In 2019, Vinnytsia held a competition of concepts for the reconstruction Kotsyubynsky Avenue, between the railway station and the city center, with the laying of a tram track and the approach of trams to the entrance to the station. The reconstruction of Pryvokzalna Square (Railway Station Square) and turning it into the main transport hub of Vinnytsia, was selected as the first step of the this strategic project. 

The overall goal of the project is to improve the quality of public transport services in Vinnytsia and thus to increase its attractiveness. The purpose of the assignment was to check the technical feasibility and to improve the existing concept of creating a public transport hub with tramway and trolleybus loops, a bus station, and e-bus charging facilities.  

Project objectives:  

  • Development of a preliminary scheme for the organization of traffic and pedestrians on Privokzalna Square, taking into account the requirements of DBN (State Construction Norms of Ukraine), traffic rules 

  • Meeting requirements for the infrastructure and operation of public electric transport, including the location of supports and elements of the catenary and special parts of tram tracks. 

  • Ensure the possibility of operation of rolling stock of KP "Vinnytsia Transport Company" without the existing tram reversible ring (change of drivers, sludge, technical inspection)  

  • Assessment of the impact of parking for private cars on the functioning of public transport 

  • Proposal on traffic signalization at the intersection of Kotsyubynsky / Privokzalna 

  • Determination of technical conditions for the location of the canopy over the catenary and platforms 

  • Organization of additional pedestrian crossings at the beginning and end of the public transport platforms, and solving the conflict between pedestrian flows and public transport operation 

  • Assessment of traffic safety based on the analysis of conflict points 

Project activities:  

  • Technical and road safety assessment of the existing concept (pre-design solution) of the organization of traffic and pedestrians on the square;  

  • Development of the updated version of the of the pre-design of the square;  

  • Simulation computer modelling of traffic, pedestrians, public transport movement and public transport passengers in two scenarios;  

  • Extensive stakeholder consultations, especially with public transport operators and various city departments 

  • Design drawings in scale 1:500. 

Project results: 

  • 2 platforms for trams that can serve up to 4 routes, with expected turnover up to 40 trams per hour 

  • 2 platforms for trolleybuses that can serve up to 6-7 routes, with expected turnover up to 60 trolleybuses per hour 

  • 2 platforms for up to 45 city buses per hour and 2 for suburban buses up to 15 per hour 

  • Optimized placement of rails, catenary, posts and other infrastructure elements 

  • Reduced number of crossings between tram and trolleybus lanes which improves durability and reduces risks of technical problems 

  • Improved access for passengers between all parts of the hub and the railway station 

  • Reduced conflicts between public transport, private transport, and pedestrian flows 

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