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Development concept bicycle infrastructure for Slavutych

Slavutych is a legendary city in the north of Ukraine, surrounded by coniferous forests. This city was built from scratch during the year, immediately after the Chernobyl disaster. It is actually a museum of urban planning of the late Soviet era. During the design of the city, bicycle paths were laid and implemented on all main streets.

These cycle paths were built without standards and norms, but over time they have become obsolete and need to be brought up to modern norms and standards. The city has set itself the goal of restoring the once-built road network and supplementing it with new roads to become the first city in which the bicycle network will cover the entire city and be completely intact, without gaps and dangerous places. So that every student can ride a bike to school, pool and skate park, and just ride with friends for fun.
By the way, bicycle parking lots near some Slavutych schools are already filled with bicycles of students and employees. 
The population of the city is now about 25 thousand people, the area is 20.8 km2, including industrial areas. The population density is 1,200 people per square meter. km., which is a typical indicator for small towns of Ukraine. 
The approximate distance between the farthest points of the city within the administrative boundaries from west to east is 7.7 km (3.3 km within the main building plot), from north to south 1.9 km.  That is, the city is very compact and convenient for cycling. 
As part of the services, the ORESUND team developed a comprehensive scheme for the reconstruction and construction of bicycle infrastructure in the city, defining the forms of organization of bicycle traffic and geometric parameters of cycling infrastructure for each street. 
In addition to the basic scheme, schemes and lists of streets for the stages of implementation of the complex scheme, the scheme of infrastructure for parking (storage) of bicycles, and preliminary estimates of the cost of these works were developed. 
The city plans to approve the Comprehensive Scheme and Concept in the first months of 2022 and implement the first stage of infrastructure work by the end of 2022. 

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