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Digital inventory and certification of streets for the city of Mukachevo

The first ORESUND project on digital inventory of street infrastructure was implemented in the last months of 2021. The customer of the project was the city of Mukachevo - one of the two main cities of Transcarpathia with a population of about 85 thousand people. 
Within the framework of the project in a short time with the help of modern technologies a complete technical accounting (inventory) of 15 streets in the central part of the city was carried out, with a total length of about 13 km. 

Technologically, the project included orthophoto photography by unmanned aerial vehicles, video documentation of the actual situation, adaptation of database and program code parameters to the customer's specifications, filling this database with graphic contractor specialists, and training for city council specialists. 
During the active phase of the project, which lasted about 4 weeks, we took orthopped and videotaped 15 streets and further digitized the obtained graphic data, including roadway, markings, signs, traffic lights, sidewalks, anti-parking facilities, temporary traffic facilities, fences, greenery car pavilions, trees, lighting poles and electrical networks, manholes, rainwater catchments and other facilities. 
As a result of the project, the customer met the requirements of the legislation on the accounting of streets and roads, in particular Art. 15, 18 of the Law of Ukraine "On Improvement of Settlements" and the Order of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine of 14.02.2012 №54.

The customer received paper and digital copies of technical passports of streets, schemes of traffic organization (current status), plans of each street at a scale of 1: 500 and orthophotos of all streets. 
More importantly, we have created for the city an up-to-date geospatial database of all inventoried objects of the road network with the ability to receive and edit, as well as export data in Geopackage format, for example, for archiving and use in specialized software environments. 
On 15 streets of Mukachevo we found and digitized with exact reference to the local coordinate system: 

178 847 sq.m. carriageway, of which 127,276 sq.m.  cobblestone (natural stone) 
96 749  sq.m. sidewalks 
839 road signs 
108 pedestrian crossings 
7 802  pog.m. markup 
1 643  trees 
29,902 sq.m. lawns 
570 observation wells 
1 176  lighting poles and power supply 
501 rainwater collectors. 
Under the agreement, the customer is provided with annual access to the InfoTraf software environment with an online interface that allows you to receive information and enter information into the database using a user-friendly graphical interface without software installation and without special knowledge of staff. 
The project is implemented in cooperation between ORESUND and a team of software engineers who have been doing similar work for the cities of Belarus for more than 5 years. 

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