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The concept of organizing two intersections with traffic in a circle in Kosiv

Kosiv is a small town in the southeast of Ivano-Frankivsk region, the center of the united territorial community, one of the tourist centers of Prykarpattia, the administrative and commercial center of the Galician Hutsul region. 

Pre-project proposals were developed for two unregulated intersections at the entrances to the city: 1) intersection of highways R-24 and T-09-09 (intersection of Stepana Bandera Street - Cheremshyna Street - Shevchenko Street  - st. Peace) in the eastern part and 2) the intersection of st. Franka - street Friendship (R-24) in the western part of the city.  

At these two nodes there is a high number of side collisions and emergencies. In particular, at the intersection of st. Stepana Banderi - str. Cheremshini - street Shevchenko  - st. Peace during January-February 2021, 19 accidents were recorded. 

As part of the development of pre-project proposals, the arrangement of roundabouts is proposed. Given the input data and geometric parameters of intersections, the ring traffic is defined as the optimal way to organize traffic at these problem nodes and one that meets the requirements of GBN B.2.3-37641918-555: 2016.  

Given the urban constraints, roundabouts with an outer diameter of 19-22 m are proposed at intersections. This is less than required by GBN B.2.3-37641918-555: 2016 for the passage of road trains and trucks with trailers (28 m), so the central island of the ring is proposed to perform of paved elements - so that large vehicles could, if necessary, pass on it.  

As of now, the city is actively negotiating with representatives of the balance holder of the road - the Service of Roads of Ivano-Frankivsk region, in order to implement  roundabout at one of the intersections as an experiment - by means of temporary organization of traffic (temporary signs and markings, water filling units). 

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