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Planning of bilateral bicycle paths on the street Gogol in the city of Myrhorod

The aim of the project is to create favorable conditions for the development of bicycle traffic in Myrhorod.

The scope of work included:

  1. in-house research of data sets (concept of bicycle traffic development in Myrhorod, city master plan, other concepts, etc.)

  2. participatory meetings with the city community and representatives of relevant departments of the city

  3. development of a pre-project proposal for the construction of bicycle paths on the Gogol street.

  4. presentation of results

  5. development of the technical task on the design and estimate documentation for capital repairs of sidewalks with the bicycle paths

The deliverables were:

  1. planning concept (detailed drawings) for the arrangement of bicycle paths in M1: 500

  2. presentation of developments and discussion of solutions with the public sector, balance holders of networks and other stakeholders

  3. tasks for the design (manufacture of PKD) overhaul of sidewalks with the arrangement of bicycle paths

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