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Analytical support for public transport network optimization for Lviv (supported by GIZ)

Within the framework of this project , ORESUND experts provide consulting services for the city of Lviv at the request of the representative office of the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ. The purpose of our services is to help city leaders make optimal decisions in order to achieve the goals set out in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Public Transport (Goal 3). 

The scope of services includes: 
1. Basic assessment of the situation with the route network and rolling stock of all carriers; 
2. Technical and economic calculations of possible optimization of separate routes of buses, first of all the municipal carrier; 
3. Proposals for optimizing routes and schedules; 
4. Recommendations on the corridors of accelerated (priority) public transport; 
5. Recommendations for the arrangement of stops, the creation of additional stops and transfer points; 
6. Recommendations for information support of public transport services. 

The development of proposals, recommendations and technical and economic calculations takes into account: the existing network, intervals, classes of rolling stock (existing and expected due to international projects), the goal of reducing service intervals, the goal of increasing route speed, the goal of increasing comfort and convenience for passengers. use the opportunities for free transfers, which creates the introduction of electronic tickets for users. 

All decisions on changes of routes, priority corridors, location of stops, etc. will be made by officials of the Lviv City Council. Along with the proposals and developments of the ORESUND team, Lviv uses the consulting support of at least two other international consulting companies, whose services are also paid for by Ukraine's partners. 
The project lasts from December 2021 to May 2022. 

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