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Traffic safety and organization of bicycle traffic on the H-09 highway in Yamnytsya OTG

The aim of the project was to solve traffic safety problems on the section of the highway of state importance H-09 and to find a technical solution for the organization of safe cycling.

The scope of work included:

  1. field survey of the site for violations and the presence of risk factors for traffic safety with the preparation of an analytical report

  2. development of project proposals (drawing 1: 1000)

  3. explanatory note and presentation.


Developed solutions are providing:

  1. bringing the road to the requirements of the DBN

  2. protected left turns

  3. pedestrian safety islands

  4. cycling infrastructure

  5. new traffic light objects

  6. calming measures



The customer, represented by Hromada, accepted the results of the project and began the process of coordination and planning of activities with SAD (Ukravtodor).

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