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Traffic light object on the Khmelnytsky highway in Kamianets-Podilskyi

Project goal:

Improving road safety by organizing a regulated intersection

The project implemented:

  1. was  developed of traffic organization

  2. was  developed of a new traffic light facility

  3. was  developed of phase-by-phase program and cyclogram

  4. approval of the ODR scheme in the Khmelnytsky Region Patrol Police Department

Phase travel and cyclogram of a traffic light object are designed so that:

  1. organize safe, conflict-free left turns from Khmelnytskyi Highway,

  2. minimize conflicts when cornering and parallel pedestrian crossings

  3. take into account the length of pedestrian crossings across the Khmelnytsky highway, the time of pedestrians in the lanes, the departure of vehicles in different directions from the street. Chernyakhivskyi from both approaches with the passage of pedestrians at the crossings.

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