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News about urban mobility and public transport in Ukraine during 01-12 May 2022

The fuel crisis is hitting hard on transport in the cities of Ukraine both in the combat regions and far west: in Frankivsk and Lviv, the number of buses on routes has been sharply reduced. Taxi drivers are on strike in Khmelnytsky, minibus drivers are demanding higher tariffs, and public transport in Shepetivka has been closed for about a week. At the same time, foreign cities support their counterparts in Ukraine: Warsaw has sent diesel buses to Mykolayiv, and Brno is donating trolleybuses and trams to Kharkiv. Kharkiv, meanwhile, is dismantling tram tracks during the war.

«There are no more trams in Kharkiv»: the city dismantles the tram tracks while the depot was destroyed by Russian military

In Kharkiv, the tram track on Zhuravlivsky Descent (formerly Vesnina) is being dismantled. This street connects the city center with Saltivka, which was significantly affected by the shelling. The City Council has no plans to rebuild the tram infrastructure damaged by the Russians.

At the same time, the City Council notes that it has long been planned to expand the carriageway on Zhuravlivsky Descent. Work was scheduled to begin in March this year.

The idea of ​​widening the road was criticized by local activists. The city's tram is planned to be replaced by trolleybuses and buses. At the same time, 40% of the city's trolleybuses were destroyed by bombs.

Dmytro Bulakh, a deputy of the Kharkiv City Council, believes that the municipality, "taking advantage of the war, continues to kill city's electric transport."

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk declares critical situation with bus fuel


In Ivano-Frankivsk, fuel supplies for public transport may run out in a few days. So far, the city has made reserves for the utility company «Elektroavtotrans», but they are not very significant. Work is underway to address these issues.

The tense situation with fuel stocks in Ivano-Frankivsk was announced by Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv during a broadcast on Wednesday morning, May 4. According to him, the problem with fuel may affect the movement of public transport.

Comment from Oresund: According to our data, as of 10.05. In Ivano-Frankivsk, approximately 55% of municipal diesel buses operated on the routes, while access to the line of contact electric buses (trolleybuses) is 100%.

Lviv has already issued 100,000 LeoCard cards for beneficiaries

100,000 preferential LeoCards have already been issued. This is 87% of the total number of all beneficiaries of Lviv MTG who expressed a desire to receive "LeoCards" and submitted documents (115 thousand submitted packages of documents)

In Lviv, the bus services are cut due to lack of fuel


A number of trolleybus and bus routes in Lviv do not run due to martial law and in order to save fuel and money.

For example, the trolleybus route №29 does not run on the University-Airport route, because there are restrictions on access to the airport. Instead, they adjusted the scheme of the №30 trolleybus, which provides access to the residents of the street Lubinska. The same route 80% duplicates the movement of №2a buses, which have not run since the beginning of the pandemic due to low passenger traffic.

Also stopped the route №5a (Vynnyky - Various Square), instead restored №36a, as it was before. He is from the Vynnyky district, street Fun, takes residents to the center, where they can change to the route №29 ".

Service on some other bus routes is halted.

A transport crisis in Khmelnytsky: taxi drivers are on strike, bus carriers are reducing trips


Khmelnytsky's transport industry suffers from fuel shortages. For example, taxi drivers have already protested in the city. Dozens of drivers protested, complaining that they were working to their detriment. Everyone was in favor of raising the cost of landing and mileage. Otherwise, they even threatened not to go to work. Khmelnytsky carriers also speak about the criticality of the current situation. They argue that public transport fares need to be raised. By the way, this has already been done in several cities of Khmelnytsky region. In some tariffs have almost doubled.

Khmelnytsky carriers have already asked the authorities to revise the current tariffs. The issue has already been discussed. Admittedly, the routes are forced to produce less transport than before.

They also add that the fuel is running out. As the carrier Oleksandr Mishin told, the increase in tariffs is necessary. And transport on routes will be let out while there will be enough diesel fuel and money.

In Shepetivka, public transport did not work due to fuel shortages 07.05.2022,

Public transport has been suspended in the town of Shepetivka in the Khmelnytsky region on May 7th. The reason was the lack of fuel at the gas station. At the same time, on May 12, 2022, the city's official website announced the resumption of public transport. Shepetivka Mayor Vitaliy Buzyl:

"We have reached an agreement with the owners of the gas station on the priority refueling of public transport, public transport and emergency services, so I ask drivers of private cars to understand this at gas stations."

The population of the city is about 40 thousand people.

Two new bus routes have been launched in Chernivtsi

The new bus routes № 2 and № 2A additionally connect the most densely populated streets of the city with the center. We are talking about residential areas on the street. Rivne, street Vorobkevycha and street Storozhynetsky. These routes reinforced the already existing №5A, №19, №24 and №27. Routes №2 and №2A of the course with an interval of 15 minutes.

The Czech city of Brno will donate trams and trolleybuses to Kharkiv

02.05.2022, AllTransUA

The Czech city of Brno will hand over 2 Tatra T3 trams and 6 Škoda 14Tr trolleybuses to its Ukrainian sister city of Kharkiv. This equipment is not new, but it has a good technical condition and is familiar to Kharkiv transporters, and will help restore the public transport system after the destruction of the city by Russia.

Similar plans to help Ukrainian cities have already been announced by the Czech Republic of Prague and Ostrava, Poland's Warsaw and other cities.

Warsaw gives to Mykolaiv 5 used diesel buses


Warsaw presents Ukrainian Mykolayiv with five paired buses of 2007 with humanitarian aid. This is a gift from Warsaw to the residents of this Ukrainian city.

"Warsaw supports Ukraine in every way. We share what we have, not only with refugees who took refuge in our country before the war, but also with people who decided to stay in their homes. Many thanks to MZA, but first of all to the drivers who at dawn they will set off and deliver Solaris buses to the edge of the Ukrainian border, "said Warsaw Mayor Rafal Tschaskowski.

The transferred vehicles have been fully operational by Solaris Urbino 18 since 2007. Buses have a solid construction and will serve passengers for many years. Their transfer will not cause any difficulties in public transport in Warsaw - in the summer they will be replaced by the new Autosans Sancity, which is currently being produced in Sanok.

On board the five Solaris buses that MZA drivers will deliver to Ukraine, there are sets of necessary spare parts, as well as several tons of gifts, including food and hygiene items.


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