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News about urban mobility and public transport in Ukraine during 01.09.-13.09.2022

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Oleksandria (Kirovohrad Oblast) introduced cashless payment of fares in municipal buses


In the Kirovohrad region, for the first time, cashless payment for travel was introduced in municipal buses of the city of Oleksandria. City Mayor Serhiy Kuzmenko informed about this.

According to his information, new devices are working in test mode only in buses #5/1 and #5/2. Then devices for contactless payment will be installed on routes No. 2/1 and No. 11.

To pay for the fare, the passenger only needs to bring his bank card, smartphone or smart watch to the reader. If one gadget is used to pay for travel, for example, for two passengers, then it is necessary to bring the phone to the device twice.

The bus conductor has a special device that makes it possible to control the passenger's payment for travel.

In all buses of the municipal company "Olexandriyskyi Transport" cashless payment for travel will start working next week.

The washing complex for trams and trolleybuses will be renovated in Zhytomyr


In Zhytomyr, UAH 18 million was allocated from the city budget for the replacement of the car wash complex in the Tram-&-Trolleybus department. In addition, thanks to the credit funds of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, they plan to perform a large complex of works, from thermal modernization and changing the water supply system to replacing the floor, internal insulation, lighting, energy supply and automation.

The existing washing complex of Zhytomyr TTU, where trolleybuses and trams are washed daily, was commissioned in 1977. More than 70 trolleybuses and 10 trams are washed at this complex per shift.

380,000 euros are needed to complete the construction of a new trolleybus line in Zhytomyr


380,000 euros are needed to continue the construction of the trolleybus line in the Malyovanka microdistrict in Zhytomyr. Yuriy Moiseev, head of the budget commission of the Zhytomyr City Council, told about this.

According to him, due to the fact that the prices of materials have risen, the contractor does not have enough funds to continue construction.

"The contractor said that he is suspending construction until an additional amount is agreed upon," explains Yuriy Moiseev.

- Coordination is now underway. The European Bank says that it does not mind increasing this cost, understanding the situation, but is waiting for the contractor to justify the amount. The amount announced by the contractor cannot be properly substantiated, so all work is suspended."

The deputy mayor of Zhytomyr, Oleksandr Shevchuk, told about already completed part of works on the construction of the trolleybus line.

"The supports have been installed, the substation has been modernized, the cables have been pulled in, there is no catenary network yet," says Oleksandr Shevchuk. - The most expensive materials are still missing. And, unfortunately, they have increased in price by more than 35 percent, which is not stipulated in the terms of the contract. Therefore, the work is not carried out until the financial part is resolved."

The "North-South" tram connection fully launched in Odesa

06.09.2022., On Friday, September 9, Odessa officially presents the updated "North-South" tram route, which directly connects the Kotovsky residential area and the Tairov district. This will reduce the travel time of passengers, but the route still can be improved. Petro Obukhov, the head of the Transport Commission of the Odesa City Council, told Suspilny about this.

The route is open to service from September 13. This connection combined the routes of trams No. 3 and No. 7 with the final stop on Architektorska Street. The length of the route is 36 kilometers. It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to overcome this path. 40 cars run in this direction every five minutes, and passengers don't have to change trams at Starosinna Square.

"This route has already changed the lives of Odessa residents, the number of e-ticket sales through the PrivatBank system has increased by 1.5 times compared to July. And the emergence of this route became an important impetus for this. It has become much easier for those who live in the Kotovskoye housing estate to get to the city center. But there is still a lot of work ahead in order to speed up the speed of the tram," said Petro Obukhov.

In Lutsk, with the beginning of the school year, the number of passengers in trolleybuses has increased


In Lutsk trolleybuses, the passenger flow increased by 20% at the beginning of September compared to August due to pupils and students, Anatoliy Myronyuk, director of the Lutsk electric transport company, told According to him, 14 controllers are currently checking the payments in transport. "The amount of the fine for ticketless travel is 20 times the cost of travel. If the fare is 6 hryvnias, then it is 120 hryvnias," said Anatoly Myronyuk.

The fare for pupils and students in Lutsk trolleybuses is 3 hryvnias, in minibuses pupils pay 7 hryvnias. Students of higher education institutions and vocational schools pay the full fare of 14 hryvnias in the minibus, if they do not have exemptions, - says Viktor Glavichka, the head of the transport department of the city council.

According to the official, electronic tickets for students were updated in mid-August. "Students who continue their studies in our educational institutions, universities, and vocational schools located in the Lutsk community, must apply for a student card at CityCard and update it," says Viktor Glavichka.

Two new bus routes opened in Khmelnytskyi

08.09.2022 In Khmelnytskyi, on September 8, the new bus route No. 8 "Ozerna-Rakove" began operating. Deputy Mayor of Khmelnytskyi Mykola Vavryshchuk wrote about this on Facebook. "The route will pass through the center," the official said.

Another bus route is also operational since September 12. He connected the city with one of the villages of the Khmelnytskyi territorial community - Sharovechka. The municipal company "Electrotrans" will serve route No. 12.

According to the deputy mayor, bus route No. 12 will run from bus station No. 3 near the central food market to the "Sharovechka-2" stop. "The past two launches of this route were not successful due to the small number of passengers. Therefore, I appeal to all residents of Sharovechka-2 with a request: use the bus, give everyone information about this route, give the driver your wishes regarding traffic schedules, which we will take into account if necessary," Mykola Vavryshchuk said in his post.


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