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News about urban mobility and public transport in Ukraine during 06.08.-31.08.2022

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Tram traffic in Kharkiv: regular shelling of the depot and dismantling of one of the sections of the network


On August 16, the Russian occupiers fired at the tram depot in Kharkiv with Tornado anti-aircraft missiles - the prosecutor's office concluded. As a result of the shelling, several trams burned down.

At the same time, in the same Kharkiv, on the street In Vesnynaya, where the tram track was dismantled in May, the street is being overhauled. Judging by the progress of the works — the restoration of tram traffic along Zhuravlovsky Uzvoz and St. The spring one is not planned.

Kyiv received another humanitarian aid: used buses and garbage trucks


Kyiv received special equipment and buses as assistance from private transport companies from four German cities — Munich, Regensburg, Hanover and Zeven. Buses manufactured by MAN, Mercedes and SETRA companies. It is noted that all vehicles are in excellent condition and until recently worked on the streets of German cities, a total of 19 vehicles and they are already working on various city routes.

Also, "Kyivspetstrans" received three Mercedes garbage trucks, which were handed over to the city from Berlin.

A number of trolleybus lines are planned to be overhauled in Lviv


LKP "Lvivavtodor" announced a tender for major repairs of some public transport infrastructure in Lviv. We are talking about the contact network of trolleybuses on the street. Stryyska (from Franka St. to Naukova St.), on St. Trolleybus (from Volodymyr Veliky St. to Naukova St.), on St. Green (from Lypova Aleya St. to Luhanska St.) and feeder from substation No. 6 to Sq. Mytnoi and st. Lychakivska.

Proposals from companies that intend to participate in the tender are accepted until October 11, 2022. After that, tender offers will be opened, they will be studied and the winner will be selected.

The first stop-shelter was established in Kharkiv

19.08.2022, On August 19, a shelter for public transport passengers was installed near one of the stops in Kharkiv.

The shelter has 12 seats and a screen with video surveillance cameras. According to the mayor of the city Igor Terekhov, the city plans to install 25 shelter stops in the most dangerous areas.

The project will be financed from the city budget. These stops have passed certain tests, says Terekhov.

Will there be no new trolleybuses in Khmelnytskyi in the near future?


No new trolleybuses will be purchased in Khmelnytskyi until the end of the war. Serhiy Bobukh, director of the utility company "Electrotrans", told Suspilny about this. At the end of last year, 50 new trolleybuses were supposed to be purchased after the international experts of the EBRD would have suggested the optimal manufacturer and started financing.

"In October 2021, a preliminary agreement was signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. We should have received new trolleybuses in December. Realizing that as long as the war is going on, financial institutions will definitely not invest money. It is only after the victory that we will get new trolleybuses, as we already have a whole package of documents today," Serhiy Bobukh said.

According to him, currently, in order to ensure stable transportation, the company's workshops are repairing old trolleybuses.

Great Britain plans to significantly help Ukraine in the post-war development of transport infrastructure

25.08.2022 Great Britain will help Ukraine rebuild its transport infrastructure, in particular, it will provide financial assistance, the size of which is not disclosed at the moment, and British experts will at the same time help create a development and reconstruction plan. As the correspondent of Suspilny reports, the corresponding Joint Action Plan for reconstruction was signed today, August 25, during an online meeting between the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Oleksandr Kubrakov, and the Secretary of State for Transport of Great Britain, Grant Shepps.

In addition, it is noted that the British side will provide 5 buses for the needs of public transport in the cities of Ukraine.

Chernihiv and three neighboring communities want to develop bicycle traffic


Communities of Chernihiv region that want to develop cycling can take part in the competition within the framework of the Go Bike Chernihiv project. Its goal is to increase the popularity of bicycles and the mobility of the population in the conditions of the fuel crisis. The project is implemented by the public organization "City Initiatives Agency", together with the NGO "Eco City of Chernihiv".

"We will deliver free bikes from Europe. After that, we will repair them, that is, we will start a bicycle workshop within the framework of this project. Next, we will transfer these bicycles to communities and also in the city of Chernihiv — to social workers, volunteers, etc., that is, to people who constantly use bicycles and have an urgent need for them. Within the framework of this project, we want to manufacture and install bicycle parking lots, bicycle garages and free bicycle repair stations," says Tetyana Romanova.

Also, a strategy for the development of bicycle transport will be developed and approved in the communities selected by the competition.

In Kyiv, concerned residents united to protect the rights of public transport passengers, and there are already results

29.08.2022 YouTube channel «Залізні магістралі» and Facebook page "Passengers of Kyiv"

In Kyiv, a number of concerned residents, in particular transport planners and other specialists, have united in the public initiative "Passengers of Kyiv". Its purpose is the development of high-quality public transport in the capital, protection of passengers' rights under the existing state of affairs, etc. One of the first things that this initiative proposed was a petition to the mayor Vitaliy Klitschko regarding the uninterrupted movement of public transport during air raids.

Despite the votes of more than 6,000 Kyivites and against the decision of the transport commission of the Kyiv City Council, Vitaliy Klitschko rejected the petition to cancel the suspension of public transport during air raids.

The public initiative Passengers of Kyiv has already prepared a draft decision of the Kyiv City Council, which should ensure the uninterrupted operation of public transport in the capital, despite the refusal of the Kyiv mayor.

Vitaly Klitschko's refusal means that public transport (only communal) will stop during alarms and in the future.

This is despite the fact that, according to the calculations of the "Pro Mobility" company, Kyiv and the people of Kyiv have already lost at least 180 million hryvnias as a result of more than 21 hours of stoppages of public transport during air alarms, starting on August 1.

On August 26, 2022, representatives of the initiative saw in the Kyiv City Council that the deputies did not support such a decision of the KMDA. Therefore, it is the Kyiv City Council — as the highest body of Kyiv's local self-government — that can resolve this issue in favor of Kyiv residents.

Meanwhile, on August 31, 2022, the KMDA published another message on its official page stating that they do not support the petition to cancel public transport stops during an air raid, as does the Security and Defense Council.

Another arrival of used trams from Zurich is expected in Vinnytsia

29.08.2022 YouTube channel «Залізні магістралі»

In the coming weeks, "Vinnytsia Transport Company" will receive 35 used tram cars from the Swiss city of Zurich. They underwent major repairs, so they are in a fairly good technical condition. Special platforms are already being prepared for their transportation to Vinnytsia.

It is worth noting that Vinnytsia already has considerable experience in the successful operation of such trams. During 2006-2011 a total of 116 similar cars were received and they are still working on city routes.

The first of the fifteen destroyed bridges was restored in Konotop


In Konotop, Sumy region, the first of 15 bridges that were destroyed by the Russian military was restored. As TTS writes, this was reported by the head of the OVA, Dmytro Zhivytskyi.

The two parts of the bridge were connected by a concrete structure, a fence was installed, and sidewalks were installed.

"The bridge connects not only two communities, but also several districts of the region. From now on, emergency services will be able to reach people on time, regular buses will start running. Also, this bridge is an important object for the development of the economy of the district and region," says Zhivytskyi.


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