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News about urban mobility and public transport in Ukraine during 21.06-04.08.2022

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Fares on city buses have been increased in Odesa


According to the decision of the city council, from July 2 in Odesa, the fare on city buses will increase to UAH 15 for a single trip.

The increase was caused by an increase in the price of fuel and lubricants and spare parts for buses.

6 used trolleybuses are "donated" to Ivano-Frankivsk


The Czech city of Yihlava will present Ivano-Frankivsk with six used Škoda trolleybuses. This was announced by the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, Ruslan Martsinkiv. According to him, an appropriate agreement was reached with the Consul General of the Czech Republic.

The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk did not specify exactly which trolleybuses these will be. However, after receiving a new rolling stock, 6 Škoda 24 Tr trolleybuses were recently removed from linear operation in Yihlava. These are cars with a low floor, adapted to the transportation of people with reduced mobility, manufactured in 2005-2007.

In Chernihiv, the fare on trolleybuses has increased


In Chernihiv, since July 1, the fare on trolleybuses has been increased to 12 hryvnias. Such a decision was made at the executive committee of the Chernihiv City Council today, June 23.

The price increase is due to the increase in the living wage, the cost of electricity and fuel and lubricants.

In a comment to Suspilno, the head of the transport department, Oleksandr Ryzhiy, clarified that the fare will cost 12 hryvnias for those who pay in cash. The price of a ticket for a transport card is 8 hryvnias, a student ticket is 4 hryvnias.

"Kyiv City Electric" will be served only by modernized electric trains


Ukrzaliznytsia launched another repaired train on the ring of the Kyiv city electric train, reports the press service of UZ.

It is assumed that in the end only updated electric trains will run through Kyiv. After the start of the full-scale war, Ukrzaliznytsia took over the management of the city's electric train and restored the circular traffic of Kyiv.

Bicycles from a Danish company have arrived in Lviv for free rental by immigrants


Bicycles collected during the Danish Bikes4Ukraine campaign have arrived in Ukraine, said CANactions urbanist Vadym Denysenko.

These Rovers will be used to create Rover.Rent, a charity bike rental for displaced persons in Lviv. It is planned to be launched in three to four weeks. While the bicycles will be repaired and the rental system will be improved.

Rover.Rent can be used free of charge by resettled people registered in Lviv. It is planned to install ten stations in their places of residence and points that they need to visit.

In Dnipro, the fares on city buses have been increased


In Dnipro, from July 13, the fare on buses and minibuses will be increased to 15 hryvnias. This is stated in a press release that Suspilne received from the Dnipro City Council.

The message states that the fare increase was planned from July 9, but the transport department needs time to process proposals from citizens, agree on requirements and sign agreements with carriers.

The fare on city bus routes will increase from 10 to 15 hryvnias, for a student ticket - up to 11 hryvnias. Travel on routes #9, 77, 90, 92, 141 will cost 18 hryvnias, and on the student route - 13 hryvnias.

Fares in electric transport and metro will not change. For schoolchildren with a student ticket, travel is free.

After numerous complaints, the municipal authorities of Kyiv began to restore the contact network of trolleybuses


On Kyrylivska Street, utility workers restored the trolley bus network damaged by Russian rocket fire, KMDA reports. The day before, citizens on social networks criticized the city authorities, which for more than two weeks did not fulfill the promise to repair the contact network and resume the movement of public transport.

The report states that specialists of the energy supply service of Kyivpastrans have replaced 2,225 meters of contact wire. The movement of trolleybuses on Kyrylivska Street has been resumed. We are talking about routes #6, 18, 25, 28, 33.

Next, they plan to repair the trolley bus contacts on Valery Marchenko Square, Peremogy Avenue and Yuriy Illenka Street, which were also damaged due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation.

New buses are starting to run in Khmelnytskyi


In Khmelnytskyi, 6 new medium-capacity Isuzu buses were purchased for the utility carrier. Also this year, 6 Solaris large-sized buses, which Khmelnytskyi received as humanitarian aid, began to run, and another part of them was purchased at the expense of KP. Another 6 Solaris buses will enter the routes by September 1, says the mayor Oleksandr Simchyshyn.

A new tram route was launched in Odesa


On July 28, Odesa launched a part of the "North-South" tram route, which connects the Kotovsky residential area and the city center. Tram #7 will run from Paustovsky Street to Starosinnaya Square.

The total duration of the trip is 1 hour and 18 minutes, the distance between the final stops is 18 kilometers. This is half of the "North-South" route, the development of which has been worked on in Odessa for the past seven years. In general, the route should connect the residential area of ​​Kotovskyi and Tairov district.

"It is quite difficult to launch such a large route at once. We are still working out some logistical issues. And I think that within one and a half to two weeks, we will fully launch the route in its entirety, as it should be," said Deputy Mayor of Odesa Dmytro Zheman.

The Gepard Express company bought trams for Mykolaiv from the Czech Republic


Gepard Express purchased a certain number of trams for Mykolaiv from the Czech city of Ostrava at a public auction. Local mass media reported on the agreement.

According to the contract, entrepreneur Albert Fikacek paid 2.259 million crowns for 26 trams. The businessman takes an active part in helping Ukraine and plans to send this transport to the southern region, where there is an urgent need for it.

Warsaw presented Ivano-Frankivsk with a special vehicle for repairing the contact network of trolleybuses


The Polish city of Warsaw handed Ivano-Frankivsk KP "Electroavtotrans" a special vehicle for the repair of trolleybus lines.

"First of all, I want to thank the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Tszaskowski, the management of the Warsaw tram company for such a gift in such a difficult time for Ukraine, when the war is going on. This special transport is very valuable for us. We have long wanted to have such a modern tower, which would provide any radii and significant support," said Ivano-Frankivsk Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv. The company is quite happy with such a gift from Poland.

The company claims that now emergency and ongoing work will be performed faster and more efficiently. After all, the available repair cars are significantly inferior in terms of technical characteristics.

In Chernivtsi, the trolleybus broke down


The Chernivtsi trolleybus management reported that on August 1, on the street The driver of the Hess articulated trolley bus No. 392 put it on the hand brakes in the South-Kiltseve district, and instead it rolled. As a result, the trolleybus demolished a road sign within the limits of the public transport stop. The car itself has a broken windshield.

Trolleybuses damaged by Russian shelling are being restored in Mykolaiv


In Mykolaiv, on August 2, trolleybuses that were damaged by shelling on July 14 were released onto the line. A total of 16 new Dnipro trolleybuses were damaged, 13 of which were repaired. Yuriy Smetana, the director of the Mykolaivelectrotrans utility company, told Sospilny correspondents about this.

"For trolleybuses, 56 units of glass were ordered from the Lviv company. We already received the order a week after placing it, the glass was already in Mykolaiv. Its cost is slightly more than UAH 230,000, including consumables. All works were carried out by the utility company," Yuriy Smetana said.

"There are still three new Dnipro trolleybuses. They have damaged power units, power units that are on the roof, so we are now looking for spare parts for them. We also have five trolleybuses, completely destroyed during the first shelling, which cannot be used. So they will be for spare parts," said Yuriy Smetana.

The Kyiv City Council is asked not to stop ground public transport during an air alarm


The author of the petition, transport analyst Oleksandr Grechko, calls the decision of the deputies unfounded and harmful for the residents of the city and the economy of the capital. In his opinion, the new rules deprive public transport of advantages for Kyiv residents and encourage them to switch to cars. The petition must gain six thousand votes for its further consideration.

New rules for the operation of city transport in the capital came into effect on August 1. During an air alert, passengers must leave the cabin and go to the nearest shelter.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, the Bolt service opened an electric scooter rental service


On August 4, the Bolt company started testing the electric scooter rental service in Ivano-Frankivsk. The cost of unlocking is UAH 9, and then the tariff is UAH 1.9 per minute of use.

You can start driving through the corresponding mobile application, finding the nearest scooter there and paying for its unlocking.


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