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transport HUB for Zhytomyr

​As part of the town-planning competition for the best concept for the reconstruction of Sobornyi and Peremohy squares, the concept of a transport interchange on Sq. Peremohy.

According to the main vision of the two squares, the priority transport was to be a tram, as it is an ecological mass public transport that should unload the street and road network.

The transport stop is located at the intersection of Soborna Square and street Theatrical, through which 9 trolleybus routes and 3 bus routes pass, while the reversible ring of the tram is at a distance and is not integrated.


As part of the work on the concept, the following was carried out:

  1. Formation of a volumetric-spatial ensemble of two areas

  2. The concept of organizing the movement and parking of private vehicles

  3. Concept for the development of public transport, in particular the development of the tram network

  4. Cycling concept in the design perimeter

  5. Redevelopment of the street profile in the project perimeter

  6. Optimization of public transport stops

  7. Formation of a full-fledged transport interchange hub on Sq. Peremohy.

The purpose of creating HUB is to unite all available public transport and organize a convenient cross-platform transfer between all types of public transport

The result was a transport HUB concept with three inclusive platforms and a bicycle rental station.

Transport planning - Yuri Lozovenko
Intersectoral research - Victor Zagreba

Photo source: Department of Urban Planning and Land Relations of Zhytomyr City Council

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