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Traffic safety: road safety audits and inspections, infrastructure interventions, awareness 

raising, education, development of strategies targeted at Vision Zero and based on the Safe 

System approach; 

Congestion: collection and analysis of traffic data, inspection of problematic spots, optimization of traffic flow, development of signal time plans, preliminary and detailed design of new signalized intersections, roundabouts, impact and capacity assessment with computer modelling tools; 


Public transportation: urban planning analysis, evaluation of existing route networks and infrastructure, planning and improvement of route networks, schedules, transit hubs, promotion of public transport, multi-modal hubs; 

Cycling as transportation: data collection and infrastructure inspections, urban landscape analysis, planning of bicycle networks, strategies and master plans, preliminary and detailed design of cycling infrastructure, promotion of cycling as transportation; 

Walking: design of pedestrian zones, redesign of car-centric squares, safe school zones, etc

Parking: inventory, data collection and assessment, development of parking policies, designation of parking areas, preparation of tenders and service contract competitions, consulting support during implementation phase; 


Infrastructure detailed project design: traffic organization schemes, signalized intersections and pedestrian crossings, traffic calming interventions, roundabouts, cycling paths, integrated street design, transport hubs and network nodes. 


Strategic infrastructure projects: preliminary design and studies of bridges, tunnels, station squares, transport hubs, depots, new tram and trolleybus lines and other landmark projects, transport impact assessment with computer simulation tools, stakeholder consultations, engineering and consulting support at detailed project design and implementation stages. 


Corporate sustainable mobility: studies, development of Corporate sustainable mobility plans, design and implementation of infrastructure, awareness and encouragement projects, promotion activities, road safety and fleet safety programs and policies, e-vehicle charging infrastructure, design and implementation of sharing systems and practices for personnel. 


Micro and e-mobility: development of policies and strategies regarding sharing systems (bikesharing, kicksharing, carsharing), e-vehicle charging infrastructure, preparation of cities for invitation and cooperation with sharing service providers. 

Mobility Strategies and Plans: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, concepts of integrated urban development, street functional systems, local transport strategies and budget programs.  


International grants and loans: matching the needs and strategies of the community with available international grant and loan programs, preparation of concept notes and holding preliminary consultations with potential international donors and partners.  

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